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Serving ages 3-6 years in a mixed age classroom we offer

5-day, and 3-day options for Preschool and Kindergarten.

This diverse environment creates a special place of growth. The younger children bring energy and imagination to the classroom, while the older children, the Kinders, lead by example and learn through teaching. 

Primary aged children practice independence, work on social skills, and create a foundation for understanding the world they live in. Our highly trained teachers work closely with each individual child using specially designed hands-on materials. Dr. Maria Montessori believed that learning and movement were inseperable. The children explore academics through hands-on materials in mathematics, language, science, geogroaphy and more.

Attendance of a Montessori school is a 3-year commitment to the program that allows for children to explore their environment to the fullest, build strong bonds with peers and teachers, and lessen transitions during these young years

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