Nicole Edney

Owner/Head Teacher

Nicole is a homeschooling mother of two girls ages 11 and 13 and has worked as a teacher for the last 7 years with preschool to middle school aged kids. She received her Montessori credential in 2014 from MTC in Shingle Springs, CA. She has a passion for instilling a love of nature within children, as she aims to help develop stewards for our planet. Nicole implements American Sign Language in the classroom which helps children communicate while inspiring awareness of the beauty of different cultures and abilities. 

Owner/Admin/Classroom Support

Bree started her career in early childhood education in high school, and began studying Montessori philosophy in 2015 when her oldest, of three children, was a toddler. The philosophy immediately resonated with her, and she knew that  bringing authentic Montessori education to children in Southern Oregon was something she had to be a part of.  Her passion for peaceful, respectful parenting, and empowering others spills over into all that she does. Providing a safe and nurturing place for children to reach their highest potential has been her life long dream. 


Alyssa Buswell

Alyssa has a deep love and passion for sharing the wonder and discovery of the world with young children. When her own two children were beginning preschool, she was inspired to open her own, giving way to Wildflowers School in California. Alyssa came to Oregon eight years ago bringing with her years of experience, joy, and her natural ability to connect with children. She naturally embodies the heart of Montessori education, and guides children with wisdom, empathy, and grace.


Bree Petty

Assistant Teacher