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Primary (3-6)

Our highly trained Preschool teachers provide individualized attention to each child using authentic, hands-on Montessori materials to teach reading, mathematics, science, geography and more. The gentle and respectful Montessori approach allows for children to build skills in Order, Coordination, Concentration, and Independence (OCCI). With a focus on Peace Education, our teachers gently guide the children to establish awareness, kindness and compassion within their community. Our preschool program provides weekly activities in Art, STEM, music, second language intoduction and more to give the children opportunities to engage their senses, practice critical thinking, promote creativity, and express emotion.


Lower  Elementary  (6-9)

Our Lower Elementary classroom runs 5-days a week from 8am-3pm, following the school district calendar. Our Elementary program teaches academic subjects using authentic hands-on Montessori materials with individualized attention for each student. History and culture study awaken during the elementary years through the Montessori Cosmic education curriculum. Our Elementary teacher brings world study to life through interactive history and science lessons. At this level the children connect with their community through local field trips, group social studies projects, and practical life applications of the character qualities we promote.

The enrollment process begins with a tour of our program  



For additional questions please contact:

Nicole Edney (owner/director)

(458) 226-9888

We look forward to hearing from you!

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