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Lower Elementary

Serving ages 6-9 years in a mixed age classroom we offer a 5-day private school option for grades K-3. Our elementary program brings history, culture and science to life through playful, immersive lessons. 

Lower elementary children explore learning through self-directed inquiry and hands-on exploratory research. In grades K-3 children enjoy working on group projects that help develop critcal thinking. Montessori education at this level aids children in discovering a deeper vision of the world they live in. 

Our trained teachers create an enivronment designed to support the elementary child in their learning. Students work with the teacher to build their own daily schedule and acheive personal learning goals. 

Attendance of a Montessori school is a 3-year commitment to the program that allows for children to explore their environment to the fullest, complete the full 3-year curriculum cycle, and build strong bonds with peers and teachers. 

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