The Butterfly House DIfference

Coupled with Montessori philosophy and hands-on materials, our team has developed a multi-faceted curriculum to help eager young minds grow during the primary years.

 Gently leading children to be stewards of the earth. We don't squash bugs at Butterfly House!

Nature Study


Connecting the body, mind and spirit through the ancient practice of yoga. Namaste!

Nurturing the qualities of compassion, respect, generosity, forgiveness, courage, patience, rejoicing, gratitude and responsibility


from the 




Culture study

Children are fascinated by the world they live in! We aim to bring to life the wonder that is planet earth. 




ASL is used throughout the day. Learning a second language has many cognitive benefits. More importantly, we are bringing awareness and love for other cultures and abilities. 


and Art

Ms. Nicole leads the children in welcoming the day with a song as she plays guitar. Our art shelves are full of fun art projects using a variety of mediums

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The Butterfly House Montessori Preschool is a private preschool committed to empowering children to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

The Butterfly House Montessori Preschool 
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