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The Butterfly House DIfference

Coupled with Montessori philosophy and hands-on materials, our team has developed a multi-faceted curriculum to help eager young minds grow during the primary years.

 Gently leading children to be stewards of the Earth. We don't squash bugs at Butterfly House!

Nature Study



development through

mindfulness practices and approproate character development





Culture study

Children are fascinated by the world they live in! The preschool children explore different cultures with hands-on artifacts. The elementary children explore the science and history of our world through Montessori Cosmic Education 

Second Language Introduction

ASL and Spanish introduction. Learning a second language has many cognitive benefits. More importantly, we are bringing awareness and love for other cultures and abilities. 



At Butterfly House we feel that our school is like a little family. We are a small home-like setting. Our teachers are personable and gentle with each family. 

Our Director holds a Montessori credential recognized by the

American Montessori society. One of only 2 internationally recognized Montessori accreditations. Butterfly House is the only Montessori school in the valley with a Director that holds an AMS credential from an accredited program.

*at the time of this posting

At Butterfly House Montessori we fully believe in allowing the child’s “inner guide” to lead. Our program is an emergent curriculum. Our teachers give daily lessons to individual students and small groups, but allow for the interests of the child to lead the daily and monthly rythms. Unlike the traditional public school model, we do not have weekly spelling tests, or educational expectations for each grade level. We believe each child is on their own educational journey. Our goal is to support their interests, offer guidance, and encourage the child through struggles.


“There is not just a need for happier schools, schools where the children are free to do as they like or schools where they use certain materials: education today needs reform. If education is to prepare man for the present, and the immediate future, he will need a new orientation towards the environment. ”

“There is a vital force in every human being which leads them to make ever greater efforts for the realisation of individual potentialities. Our tendency is to realise them. Joy and interest will come when we can realise the potentialities that are within us. ”

-Maria Montessori
     1946 London Lectures

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